Plant Proteinfor Beverages

Highly soluble protein isolates

Blendtek offers a broad portfolio of plant proteins for beverage applications at a scale that can support the growth ambitions of any sized brand.

Optimize Sensory

Deliver great taste, texture, and mouthfeel in many beverages.

Stay On-Trend

Keep ahead of today’s ever-evolving global consumer trends.

Stand Out

Solve the toughest application challenges for a unique product.

Proteins for a Variety of Beverage Applications

Blendtek’s non-GMO protein isolates are ideal for ready-to-drink and ready-to-mix beverages, from higher protein applications like sports drinks, weight management smoothies, and meal replacement shakes to everyday options like plant-based milks and more.

Why Our Plant Proteins Perform Wellin So Many Beverages

The high solubility and range of functionalities across our plant protein portfolio help manufacturers deliver excellent texture, mouthfeel, and nutrition in numerous beverages.

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