There is a growing hunger for innovation in the food industry. We believe that our rich history has established a foundation to support the future we’ve set out to create.


The Future of Food is Changing. Fast.

With rapidly shifting consumer demands that are driving a continuous stream of emerging trends, it can be hard to keep up. At Blendtek, we understand the challenges you face while balancing an established product portfolio with an exciting product pipeline and are here to support you from concept to production.

How WeWork

Asking Questions Challenges the Status Quo.

Our curiosity drives us forward. Our curiosity pushes us to ask the hard questions. Our curiosity drives our pursuit of new technologies, food systems and ingredients to deliver innovative food solutions.
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Wired to Create
Our team is comprised of dynamic experts that combine scientific knowledge with proven industry experience that will serve as an extension of your team.
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Committed to Deliver
We understand the importance of meeting deadlines to support demand for your products—and we will be here to back you from product concept to delivery.
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Driven to Perform
Cutting corners isn’t an option. When it comes to performance, quality comes first. We protect your brand by upholding the quality standards within our network.


Corporate values are typically written in an employee handbook or posted on a wall, but our values are more than just words—they are part of our DNA.

Create a Positive Team Environment

Our philosophy is to create an environment where everyone is accepted, respected, appreciated, encouraged, inspired, empowered and valued.

Act With A Sense of Ownership

We take pride in our company and we always do what is right, not what is easy.

Real-Time Communication

Regardless of the communication medium, always solicit feedback and have open, honest and timely conversation.

Focus On Customer Experience

Our customers are our #1 priority. We look for every opportunity to go above and beyond and create a raving experience.

Learn From Failure & Celebrate Success

Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn. Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s on the road to it. Fail fast and learn from mistakes.

Operate With An Entrepreneurial Edge

Take calculated risks. Know your business inside and out. Always seek new opportunities and trust your own judgment.


Looking Back. Looking Forward.

At Blendtek, we believe that our history has established a foundation to support the future we’ve set out to create.
Incorporation of Blendtek Ingredients
Legacy distribution business acquired from Kissner Milling Co. Ltd. and incorporated as Blendtek.
Acquisition of Kissner Plastics
Acquisition of Kissner Plastics to expand product offering with new and existing customers.
Growth Strategy & Differentiation
Expansion of the sales organization to support growth of new, high-value products, and to penetrate new markets.
Investment in Innovation
Development of strategic partnerships with key suppliers and technical sales strategy.
New Growth Strategy
Growth with key partners through focus on blending and consultation services with plans approved to break ground on new manufacturing facility.
Acquisition of Tri-Blend Bakery Mixes
Acquisition of Tri-Blend Bakery Mixes to offer blending of ingredients to create value-added blends for new and existing customers.

Our Future.Together.

At Blendtek, we’re always looking for partners with a shared mission to challenge expectations and fuel innovation in food. Are you ready?