Plant Proteinsfor Meat Products

Protein Isolates & Concentrates.

Blendtek offers a broad range of plant proteins that enhance the eating experience and nutritional quality of meat products while saving you money.

Maximize Yield

Increase cooked yields and reduce product shrinkage

Minimize Costs

Extend meat products with lower-cost meat-like solutions

Drive Efficiency

Improve processing efficiency for you and your customers

Proteins for a Variety of Meat Applications

Our non-GMO and conventional protein isolates and concentrates are used in many types of ground, emulsified, and whole muscle meats.

Our Proteins Deliver Key Benefits

Our proteins drive sensory, functional, and cost benefits in a wide range of meat products.
Textured Protein Concentrates
for burgers, sausages, & more.
Functional Protein Concentrates
for hot dogs, deli, & mortadella.
Protein Isolates
for hot dogs, deli, & mortadella.
Protein Isolates
for whole muscle brines.

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