IN THIS POST:Baking Ingredients from Germany coming to North America

Baking ingredients from Germany coming to North America

Sept. 27, 2017 – by Jeff Gelski

CAMBRIDGE, ONT. — Addcon, a German company, has entered the North American market now that it has named Cambridge-based Blendtek Ingredients, Inc. as a distributor of Addcon’s ammonium bicarbonate and calcium propionate. The ingredients are used in a variety of baked foods, including crackers, snacks, cookies, bread and tortillas.

Ammonium bicarbonate, a sodium-free leavening agent, may be used in low-moisture bakery items such as biscuits, cookies, wafers, crackers and dry baked snacks. Calcium propionate, which inhibits mold and bacteria, may be used in baked food applications like bread and tortillas with a minimal impact on yeast activity. Addcon produces the ingredients at facilities in Porsgrunn, Norway, and Bitterfeld, Germany.

Blendtek primarily will focus on supplying ammonium bicarbonate to the North American market and calcium propionate to the Canadian market.